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Why are Police the Best? It’s About This and More!

Splashed across current headlines is news – both exceptionally good and terribly bad – about our law enforcement officers. This article’s goal is to underscore how very dedicated to the public’s safety the average cop actually is.

“A police officer places his life on the line for the better good of the community. He or she maintains law and order, resolves crime cases, apprehends criminals, and professionally assists with traffic, car accidents, fires, and any public emergency.  It’s all in a day’s work to protect the public sector!”   A. M. NJ Homeowners and Auto Insurance Claim Specialist; Prime Insurance Agency

Super Facts about Cops

  • Before becoming a police officer, a candidate must be a US citizen, a high school graduate, and undergo comprehensive training for the position involving demanding physical and intellectual exercises.

  • The average pay for a police officer in 2016 is $53,043.

  • Skills that incorporate leadership and communication abilities, as well as compassion and physical and mental endurance are necessary in this important job.

  • To date in 2016, there have been 68 in the line-of-duty police deaths.


  • Listed among the heroic things of police activities are thwarting suicide attempts and assisting in animal rescues.

  • Interviewed police claim their field is an exceptionally rewarding one, geared to helping people as well as saving lives.

  • Police officers appreciate small gestures of appreciation for the challenging work that they do.

  • There are countless stories of unsung hero cops. The most recent episode of a pair of NYPD officers who placed their lives in danger by driving off with the bomb that was thrust into their car so as not to harm others caught the media’s attention. Thankfully the two lived to tell their tale because the bomb was ultimately discovered as fake.

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Summary: With all the flak that police officers get, it’s time to say – thanks for all you do! Prime Insurance highlights these facts about the guys in blue that protect us all.


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