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Own an Entertainment Center?

Amusement Parks, Theaters, Etc. Need Specialized NJ Insurance

Owning an amusement/entertainment center involves more liability risk exposure than most industries.

Your operation needs special business coverage if it includes:

  • Roller coasters and rides
  • Ball pits
  • Batting cages
  • Billiard halls
  • Bowling allies
  • Climbing/scaling tubes, nets & tunnels
  • Climbing walls
  • Coin-operated child rides
  • Driving ranges
  • Entertainers
  • Go-cart tracks
  • Inflated facilities
  • Laser tag
  • Miniature golf
  • Sport courts
  • Theaters
  • Traveling theater companies
  • Video-based arcades
  • And more

Insurance Claim Scenarios

NJ General Liability Insurance

  • A senior citizen fell onto wet flooring while playing miniature golf. She broke a leg and suffered injury to another leg, a shoulder, and her right wrist. Doctors’ bills amounted to $200,000.

  • Two billiard players got into a fight leading to an assault and battery claim amounting to $50,000, as well as $25,000 in defense and medical costs.

  • At a children’s party, an entertainment center served contaminated food. As a result, some children became sick. The parents brought a negligence lawsuit against the facility. Defense costs reached $25,000, and the claimants were awarded $75.000 in damages.

  • A teenager’s long hair got caught in a go-cart’s engine, causing serious head and neck injuries. Emergency medical bills reached $75,000.

  • A patron at an entertainment center scaled the climbing wall but failed to properly secure his harness. As a result, he fell to the ground and broke his leg. Doctors’ bills amounted to $5,000. In addition, the claimant was awarded $10,000 in damages and lost wages.

  • As the wind blew, the weaker branches of a tree at a miniature golf course broke off and damaged neighboring vehicles and buildings. Repair costs were $20,000.
  • When a guitar player was accused of molesting a child during a show, defense costs amounted to $20,000.

NJ Liquor Liability Insurance

  • At a bowling alley league playoff, one contestant became drunk and drove his car away. Before he got far, he crashed into another vehicle. The other driver suffered extensive injury and filed a negligence lawsuit against the bowling alley. The claimant was paid $200,000 in damages.

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NJ Property Insurance


  • As a result of a fire, thirty arcade machines were damaged. The replacement costs amounted to $60,000.

  • The projection equipment at a movie theater was damaged from a water leak. The owner was forced to close one theater in his multiplex entertainment center. He lost more than $15,000 in business income.
  • The roof of a family amusement center collapsed under the weight of snow. Repair costs amounted to $50,000 and water-damaged contents repair amounted to $25,000.

  • Some food sold at an amusement center spoiled as a result of a power outage. Food replacement costs reached $5,000.

PRIME Insurance and the Entertainment Industry

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Summary:  If you are in the entertainment industry, you know that it’s not all fun and games. See how PRIME Insurance can help you protect against damages and losses.


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