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How to Avoid Kiddie Pool Danger and Liability Risks

A Prime Insurance Agency Special

Swimming pool danger? Of course it exists. But a kiddie pool?

Although its name may imply unsophisticated risk-free fun for the younger child, studies show kiddie pools actually pose serious safety risks. Medical sources, in fact, point to kiddie pools as the pitfall in more than ten percent of drowning and pool-injury deaths. Moreover, because kiddie pools do not have the same filters and bacterial killing agents as big swimming pools, they heighten the risk of the spreading of diarrhea germs from one child to the next in a nursery or day camp setting.

The frightening reality encompasses all forms of kiddie pools, including:

  1. Blow up variety
  2. Small plastic variety
  3. Above-ground variety

Parents and guardians need to recognize the perils inherent in even a minimum level of water – especially for kids that are five years of younger.  Always be on guard by following these safety guidelines:

  • Limit kiddie pool use to kids without any virus symptoms

  • Bathe kids prior to kiddie pool time

  • Never leave kids alone in and about the pool area

  • Keep a phone with you at all times so that emergency services can be accessed if needed

  • Know CPR procedures

  • Make sure to empty kiddie pools of toys and residue water after use

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Summary: What can be wrong with kiddie-pool fun? Plenty! Find out how to avoid danger with this primer from Prime Insurance Agency.


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