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Need Insurance for Your NJ Janitorial Services?

PRIME Insurance Gets You Premium Business Insurance Coverage!

Business Insurance Options that Make Sense!

You’re in a unique industry. Mops, squeegees, cleaning machinery, cleansing agents and scrubbing muscle are not the only things you need to confront. The associated liability claim risks present a real threat. Protect yourself and your business with a sensible insurance policy offered by PRIME Insurance.

Janitorial Services Claim Scenarios

  • Bodily Injury Insurance

Tom owned a successful janitorial service business that was contracted to clean a group of supermarkets within New Jersey. One day just prior to a store’s opening, a worker was mopping the floor as a deliveryman entered. The deliveryman slipped and fell on the wet floor. He suffered a broken leg resulting in $32,000 in hospital and doctors’ bills and 18 months of lost wages. Tom was sued for negligence because his man had not put a caution sign or deterrent cones cornering off the wet zone. Tom’s NJ business insurance covered him for the suit in addition to providing $250,000 towards the $500,000 claim settlement.

  • Property Damage Insurance

On the way to a customer’s unit, John carried his carpet cleaner through the apartment building’s entrance and lobby. To his dismay, oil seeped out and spilled onto the marble tiles and floor runners. John’s business insurance covered the damages, providing payment for cleaning and restoring services.

  • Contractors Equipment Insurance

Pam stored a part of her cleaning equipment in her customer’s foyer. One day a fire damaged Pam’s vacuum cleaner. Pam submitted an insurance claim for replacement of the vacuum cleaner valued at $2,200.

  • Rental Reimbursement Insurance

Steve utilized special equipment for waxing floors. Steve’s worker neglected to return the waxing machine sitting in the driveway into to his vehicle’s trunk. The worker backed his truck into the machine, damaging it. Steve’s rental reimbursement coverage reimbursed him for $1,500 that he had spent on renting a substitute until his machine could be repaired.

  • Property Damage Extension Insurance

Sam’s worker used a steel wool pad to clean a customer’s glass shower door resulting in various non-removable scratches. Sam had to replace the shower door. His cost was $1,200. Sam’s insurance paid for the shower door.

  • Lost Key Insurance

Dave usually secured his customer’s keyring onto his pocket. One day, he lost the keyring, requiring him to replace all his customer’s locks in each of the apartment units he owned. This totaled $3,500.

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  • Employee Theft of Customer Property Insurance

While Tim’s temporary worker cleaned a customer’s home, she slipped a watch and engagement ring into her pocket. When the theft was discovered, the worker was gone. Replacement cost for Tim was $8,000.

PRIME Insurance Agency and Janitorial Service Coverage

PRIME has insured countless businesses like yours. Experienced and qualified, we help you assess your needs, educate you about the selection of policies, and assist you in selecting the most sensible coverage – at competitively low quotes.

Visit PRIME Insurance at, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or telephone us at 732-886-5751.

*Though PRIME is reputed as the go-to agency for NJ home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, workers compensation insurance, umbrella insurance, and all other NJ insurance policies, we’re the experts in all forms of nationwide coverage, providing premium policies to thousands of satisfied clients all across the U.S.


Are you in the janitorial service business? You know you need special coverage for all the liability risks you deal with. See what PRIME can do for you today.      


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