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How to Keep Kids Happy During a Hurricane

Family’s Hurricane Fun-Guide from PRIME Insurance 

It’s important to do the necessary preparation before the winds and rain of a hurricane come blowing and pouring down. While the prospect of a violent storm can be straining on the nerves and frightening for both you and the kids, the ordeal can become somewhat more calming when you take control of the situation.


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Bear in mind that fear can actually be magnified by the ‘unknown’. Make sure you describe what can occur to your kids before a hurricane becomes reality. Keep the definition simple: something to the effect that a hurricane is a big wind storm that is accompanied by a lot of rain. Don’t forget to prepare your kids about the possibility of an evacuation and  a power outage but assure them that with the proper arrangements, everyone will remain safe.  

Making your kids a part of the prep goes a long way in maintaining family tranquility. Have your kids prepare their own kit, consisting of essential water bottles, nonperishable food, blankets, pillows,and  flashlight and don’t let them forgo the entertainment! Add pens, paper, crayons and board games to the kit to stave off the potential boredom of life without electricity.

In the event a hurricane and an outage becomes a reality and you are stuck at home or at an alternate escape- home during the duration, make use of the rare family time with some good old fashioned fun sans modern electricity.

Here are some excellent ideas. 

Fun Things to do with the Kids during a Hurricane’s Power-Outage

  • Hang up a map of the US and together with your kids highlight the direction of the storm, updating it as the course of the hurricane continues.  

  • Bring out the board games!

  • Play a few rounds of varying card games

  • Create a family talent contest.

  • Have older kids read to younger ones.

  • Put on a family play with an original script.

  • Fun in the Kitchen: Let everyone use their culinary talents in creating snacks by using ingredients from the fridge and freezer that may go bad because of the outage.  

  • Don’t forget about pen and paper word games.

  • Now’s the time to do some letter writing.

  • Create paper dolls out of cardboard and fashion doll clothing out of paper.

  • Play I Spy, Hide and Seek, Musical Chairs, Simon Says and other oldies.

  • Take a trip down memory lane with photo albums and stories.

  • Have everyone give a speech or pep talk

  • Play ‘Secret Friend’ game so that each person can perform ‘clandestine’ kind acts towards their assigned friend without identifying from where its coming.  

  • Conduct a family sing-along or a choir.

  • Get everyone off the couch with a family exercise class.
  • Construct a fort out of pillows, blankets, chairs and so on. Then go ahead and occupy it!

  • Make a scavenger hunt.

  • Clean out drawers or spaces that otherwise would remain a perpetual mess!



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