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How to Keep Safe when Lightning Strikes

Lightning is that quick flash of naturally released high-voltage electricity that occurs during a thunderstorm. It is extremely dangerous, and results in approximately 60 related fatalities per year. Heating up to 50,000 degrees in Fahrenheit, lightning can effortlessly ignite a fire when striking an object with suitable conditions.


Thunderstorms can occur any time of the year – including during snowfalls. Fortunately, most standard Homeowners Insurance cover related lightning damages. As for vehicle damage occurring from a lightning strike, Comprehensive Auto Insurance is the only type of policy that will cover the losses.


Nine Tips to Lightning Safety

  • If you are outdoors during a thunderstorm, immediately find shelter within a safe building or vehicle.

  • If unable to find shelter, you can reduce your danger risks by keeping clear of open fields and hilltops, isolated trees, water, wet objects, like ropes and metal.

  • While indoors, do not use phones attached to cords.

  • Do not touch electric equipment, such as computers, televisions and cords.

  • Try not to turn on your water taps or dishwater and avoid showering or bathing.

  • Keep away from windows, doors, porches and metal pipes.

  • Do not lay or rest on concrete flooring and do not touch concrete walls.

  • Wait half an hour before exiting your shelter after thunder abates.

  • If in a car during a thunderstorm, pull over, turn on hazard lights, turn off the engine, wait it out and do not touch metallic pieces, including the steering wheel. 

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Summary: Lightning can occur any time of the year. Learn about the risks and associated safety measures you and your family can take from this guide by Prime Insurance