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How to be More Prepared for a Blizzard

Forearming in NJ, NY, PA and Other Storm Zones

Okay, we’ve been lucky so far, enjoying an extraordinary warm winter. Don’t get too comfortable though. It’s safe to assume we won’t go completely unscathed before the winter is over.

What is it about a blizzard that makes it the most treacherous of all snow storms?

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Blizzards are characterized by significant snowfall accompanied by raging powerful winds. Exposure to the raw elements of these types of disturbances may result in property damage and dangerous conditions of hypothermia and frostbite in humans that can lead to a tragic loss of life. 

The good news is that all it takes is planning to avoid the serious risks posed by a blizzard.

What you need to wear when outside:

  • Layered clothing that can be removed one-by-one if overly warm
  • An outer layer made of waterproof closely knit material

  • Warm mittens

  • Warm head covering

  • Scarf for covering the mouth

  • Durable water resistant boots for snow or a flood


Essentials for your home:

  • A tailored homeowner insurance policy to protect you from the possibility of damages and losses

  • A fully-charged cell phone

  • A flashlight and spare batteries

  • A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radio that runs on batteries, as well as a transportable radio that will give you updated emergency info

  • A standard non-electric can opener

  • High-energy non-perishable food and bottles of water

  • Medicinal items

  • First aid reserves

  • Fuel for warming

  • Alternate heating resources, like a portable heater, and the like

  • Smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher


Essentials for your car or truck:

  • A protective auto insurance policy

  • A full gas tank

  • A fully- charged cell phone

  • Warm covers

  • A flashlight and spare batteries

  • A sharp tool for cutting

  • A tool set

  • Rope for towing

  • Auto cables

  • A compass

  • High-energy non-perishable food

  • A container to collect snow for melting and drinking

  • A shovel

  • A bag of sand (contributes to car weight, aiding traction; also adds traction to snow-stuck tires when contents are scattered around)

  • A windshield scraper

  • Street maps

  • Spare warm clothing and boots

PRIME Insurance wishes everyone a safe winter season!

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Summary: Winter is far from over! Arm yourself against blizzard risk and exposure by following these smart safety tips from PRIME Insurance!


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