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Are you a NJ Midsize Business?

PRIME Presents Midsize Business Coverage from Liberty Mutual

Has Your NJ Business Grown? Your Insurance Needs Also Have.

If you have moved into bigger space and hired more employees to accommodate boosted sales, there’s something else that increased along with your business size: your risks of insurance claims.  

Transforming into a Midsize Company: Bob’s Story

Bob began his chocolate business modestly. Operating out of his home garage, Bob made delicious treats that he sold to any retail store that was interested. Before long, word spread. The orders came pouring in.

Bob experienced exceptional business success. No longer was the small garage adequate for Bob’s enterprise. Bob rented a 100,000 square foot warehouse, and hired many more workers. Too bad Bob forgot to update his insurance along with his business needs. When a claim was filed against him, he realized that he was seriously underinsured. 

Tailored Midsize Business Insurance, Tailored Service

Attention Business Owners: If your business has grown, you need more comprehensive coverage. Your existing insurance agency may not be equipped to handle your current insurance needs. You need a professional agency that is geared for your new requirements.

Insurance Claim Examples that Could Happen Even to You…

Property Insurance: An equipment wholesaler suffered the effects of a robbery. The thieves made off with the computer and flat screen and printer, as well as merchandise.

General Liability Insurance: After unloading equipment from his truck, the wholesaler’s worker accidentally bumped his cart into a customer as he entered the store.

General Liability Insurance: A buyer came to the manufacturer’s warehouse to view goods. The man tripped over an open package and incurred an injury.

Bodily Injury Insurance: A motel guest slipped and tumbled down the staircase due to insufficient lighting. She suffered a fractured ankle that resulted in a $30,000 medical bill. Besides that, the motel was responsible for $3,100 in defense costs.

Medical Payments Insurance: A patron at an upscale restaurant knocked into a mirror that had not been adequately secured into the wall. The mirror fell and cut the man’s left leg badly. The restaurant was liable for $2,000 in hospital fees, as well as the ambulance bill.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage Insurance: A hotel employee was asked by his boss to make a deposit at the bank. As the employee drove towards the bank, he collided into another car. This resulted in $40,000 property damage to the employee’s car, $40,000 in bodily injury to the other car’s driver as well as additional damage to the other car. What made matters worse was that the worker’s car was underinsured.

Can You Afford Not to Have Proper Coverage?

You know the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Get tailored coverage and fast necessary documentation for your mid-sized business at PRIME Insurance. We’re the experienced agency with skilled management and a knowledgeable team. We’re the winner of numerous industry awards and a direct dealer with both prestigious NJ insurance companies, as well as leading national insurance companies like Liberty Mutual.

Contact us at , email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or call us at 732-886-5751.


You are a midsize business. You need appropriate coverage. See what PRIME Insurance and Liberty Mutual can provide!


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