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Snow Shoveling: How to Save Your Back

Snow has fallen and, as winter progresses, more is on the way. If you are one of the millions who shovel the cold white stuff off walkways and driveways, you place your back at serious risk. Learn key skills how to protect the spinal area with these tips from the insurance professionals.

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Shoveling Endorsed by NJ Insurance Companies

  • Select a shovel that is appropriate for your use. Pick one that has:

    -          a curvilinear handle so that you can keep your posture

    -          a long or short enough handlebar for your height: one
               that allows you to bow your knees somewhat and arch
               your back not more than 10 degrees while holding the
               shovel in comfort as you ease into each dig

    -          a lighter plastic shovel-end so that you will place less of a
               burden on your spine

  • Prepare your muscles for shoveling effort by doing a warmup exercise before beginning.

  • Add leverage to the activity while reducing the burden by holding onto the shovel handle with your hands at a minimum of a foot-length apart.

  • Concentrate on pushing the snow rather than lifting the snow so that you will place less pressure on your spine.

  • If you do opt to lift the snow, do so in accordance with the recommended manner:

    -          keep legs apart and back straight as you bend your

    -          lift the snow without bending at the waist but by placing
               strain on the legs while moving your feet

    -          lift only a little of snow at a time; walk over to heap it
                instead of throwing it over your shoulder

    -          rest in between shovels as needed; stretch your body
               parts during breaks

  • If you feel any form of pain, discontinue snow shoveling and get help.



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Summary: Heard of SOS? Now there’s SOB (Save our Backs) with Prime Insurance Agency’s tips on safe snow shoveling.


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