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How to be Safe and Sound during Blizzard Danger

NY, NJ, PA and Other Storm Exposed Area Preparedness

Can you remember the Blizzard of ’96? How about the Blizzard of 2006? What about the Blizzard of 2010?

What these all have in common are school closings, traffic clogs, transit system disruption, property losses and damages, and other weather-related misery.

Above everything, the icy conditions can lead to hypothermia and frostbite and even death. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the risk exposure by following tried and true guidelines.

Blizzard Defense

Stay inside during a blizzard. If you find yourself outdoors at the onset of a blizzard:

  • Immediately locate a wind-sheltering spot and stay clear of making contact with moisture

  • If you cannot find a shelter, find a wind-protected space like a snow cavern

  • Keep warm by starting a bonfire, edged by heat-absorbing, heat-reflecting stones (the fire will also serve as an alert to others about your situation)

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  • Avoid eating snow as it can reduce body temps; instead thaw the snow before drinking

If you are in your car when the storm hits:

  • Pull over to the side of the road with your hazard lights on

  • Stay within your vehicle so as not to expose yourself to the dangerous elements of snow and wind

  • Leave your car only if you spot a nearby structure that can serve as a shelter

  • Start your vehicle’s motor and keep it running for 10 minutes every hour (as a heating source)

  • Allow a small window’s gap opening to evade harmful carbon monoxide fumes

  • Check that your exhaust pipe is not clogged with snow

  • Facilitate blood circulation and body warmth by exercising moderately

  • If there are others with you, generate united body heat by crowding together

  • Cover yourself with your coat

  • If necessary, use any other item in your vehicle to blanket yourself and shield yourself from the cold

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Call attention to yourself by:

  • Triggering your dome light in the evening hours while your engine is on (so your battery doesn’t die)

  • Tying a banner (it’s best to use the color red) to your car’s antenna

  • Raising your car hood once the snowfall has ceased


PRIME Insurance cautions everyone to follow safety rules when confronted with inclement winter weather.

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Summary: The weather forecasts have finally laid down the cold facts: there’s snow in the horizon. Prepare yourself for risk exposure with these key tips.


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