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How to Calm Your Child during a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

A Parent’s Emergency Guide by PRIME Insurance

The physical and financial toll Hurricane Harvey created within the Houston, TX area was beyond imagination just a short while ago. Now, as warnings of the potential for a ferocious Hurricane Irma menacing the Caribbean and FL, home and business owners have cause for serious concern.

As residents brace themselves for what could be a catastrophic hit by establishing an emergency evacuation plan and packing an emergency kit, we present you with the following tips on how to care for the youngest members of the family.  


  • Be sure to place familiar child-friendly objects in your kit:

         Stuffed animal




         Diapers and associated paraphernalia

         Fever reducer

  • Notify your child care facility about how you should be contacted in the event of a disaster.

  • Pin a card to your child’s shirt with your contact information.

  • Speak to your child about his or her worries in regard to a disaster. Make sure to explain safety issues in calm and age-appropriate terms.  Let your child know that you are there for him or her.

  • For older children, establish a family meeting place, such as a place of worship, school or library, in the event you are separated.

  • Reduce TV time and any other exposure to news about the weather that may alarm your child.

  • If you are shut-in due to the weather, try to maintain a scheduled sleep, wake-up routine. Keep your child busy during daytime hours with fun activities, like games, puzzles, books, exercise and movie- watching.

  • Showing your child that you care about others bolsters his or her feelings of security. Contact friends, families and neighbors and inquire about their safety or offer any help you can extend.

  • Children mimic what they see. If you remain calm, chances are the feelings will rub off.


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Summary: First it was Houston, TX and surrounding area that came under the winds and floods of Hurricane Harvey. Now, it’s Hurricane Irma that is threatening FL. What do we tell our kids? PRIME Insurance presents this guide.


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