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How to Keep Your Pet Safe during Weather Transition

PRIME Insurance challenges you to pretend you are inside the mind of your cat or dog as fall’s changes come into place. “What’s going on?” your pet may wonder when the days become shorter, colder and all school-age children are away from home.

The good pet owner will realize that with the season’s changes, the need to ease the dog or cat’s transition into the season also comes. This includes, of course, all physical, emotional and safety precautions.

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Climate Transformation

Fall’s cooler days and shorter days call for changes in your pet-care performance.

  • Bring your pet into the house before it gets dark and colder

  • Consider dressing your dog in a specially crafted coat when the temperature drops

  • Provide your pet with a warm blanket for sleeping

  • Avoid auto danger by walking  your dog in the darker mornings and evening while wearing bright and reflective colors and have your pet wear a collar that acts as a reflector or has built-in light flashers

Empty House Syndrome

With fall’s reentrance of school and an emptier house during daytime hours, your pet may suffer from the sudden sense of loneliness that may lead to separation angst, resulting in aggressive conduct like loud barking.  Ease your pet into the new norms by

  • Including trial runs of each new routine, one at a time


  • Gradually increasing the trial runs until the reality of all new routines is incorporated


Yard Maintenance and Pet Safety

Your cat or dog does not know that the tools you use to clean your yard are hazardous. Avoid any risk to injury by

  • Storing all lawn tools in a secured garage or storage shed

  • Keeping your pet indoors when utilizing poisonous matter

  • Clearing away fruit, leaves and any other matter that falls from trees and can be hazardous if ingested by your pet

  • Storing all compost and related waste in tightly secured containers

  • Bordering off leafless plants so the bare branches will not poke or harm your dog or cat eyes as they run.

PRIME Insurance wishes all customers, friends and their pets a healthy and safe fall and winter!

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Summary: Change is hard – especially for your pet. Ease your pet into the season’s changes with these smart tips from Prime Insurance Agency.


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