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How to Get Rid of an Offensive Skunk Spray Odor

Prompted by a personal and highly unpleasant encounter with a skunk, one of our agents here at PRIME Insurance recounted his experience to the writing staff. The result? This primer on one of the most annoying summer mishaps: becoming victim to a skunk’s smelly arsenal.

"I was on a glorious camping trip with my family – away from all the things I deal with on a constant basis: NJ homeowners insurance, auto insurance and commercial insurance. It was one of those times when that little voice in your head says, 'this is too good to be true.' Well, things sure made an about-face when I met up with this little black fella with white stripes at the garbage bin. Guess the critter felt threatened because it only took a few short minutes before he turned his back to me and lifted his tail in my direction. Shortly afterward, I was hit! The stench was terrible and so was the reaction of my wife and kids. Needless to say, that was the end of the camping trip that really turned out too good to be true."

Our insurance agent has slid the memories of that infamous camping trip far from his collection of vacations, but not wihtout always being prepared to share the following antidotes to it -

Tried and (yes) True Anti-Skunk-Musk Tips

  • Once directly sprayed, the smell of a skunk’s musk takes up to 4 months to leave on its own. The faster a spray victim utilizes tactics to remove it, the better the success rate.
  • If eyes have been affected, treat them first by rinsing them out with plenty of cool water.

  • Wash skin with an anti-alkaline substance, such as carbolic cleanser, tomato juice or vinegar that has been watered down or with commercially-prepared pet store solutions.

  • You can concoct your own remedy by placing one qt of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup baking soda and one tsp liquid soap into an open basin. (do not store in a closed container as it may end up exploding)

  • After lathering up any of the above solutions, leave on for half an hour, then take a lengthy hot shower to wash off any residue.

  • Repeat the above steps if necessary.

  • Pets can be treated with the same solution and method, but washing of the head should be slated at the end of the process so as to make it more endurable for the animal.

  • Moderately affected clothes can be treated by soaking in bleach, ammonia or products containing neutroleum alpha. Severely affected clothes may have to be thrown away or burned due to the lengthiness of odor duration.

  • Fan use may help dissipate home stench.

This article is part of PRIME Insurance Agency’s ongoing educational blog.

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Summary: Skunks and people don’t usually hit it off – especially when the skunk sprays its musk! Prime Insurance Agency brings you these tips on how to end the repugnant smell on people and their pets!


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