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Keeping Kids Safe and Happy in the Playground

Of all things that naturally pair together, you’d have to agree that kids and the outdoor playground are a synonymous set. From the squeak of the soaring swings, to the twists and turns of the intricate maze systems and slides, to the joyful accompanying children laughter and chatter – indeed, nothing appears to be more carefree.

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Despite the bright portrait, statistics paint the flipped side of the picture - one that boldly underscores the involved perils. Every season, more than a couple of hundred thousand children receive medical care as a result of related injury. Experts cite improper supervision and guidance as a culprit to many of the instances.

Playground Safety 101 – Basic Tips To Risk-Free Fun

  • When kids play, an adult should always be present, monitoring playground usage and conduct. In the event of an injury, an adult can apply vital first-aid procedures immediately, as well as transport an injured child to a medical facility if necessary. 

  • Prior to allowing supervised roam of the playground, parents need to inspect the site’s grounds and layout, as well as equipment makeup for safety. 

               -  Does the surface yield upon impact?

               -   Is it soft enough to pad a fall and prevent the
                   potential of resulting injury?  

               -   Is it free of standing water and obstacles that could trigger
                    a fall or expose a child to danger?

               -   Is the equipment grouped for age-appropriateness and

               -   Is equipment spaced adequately away from each other
                   (anything above thirty inches in height should be located a
                   minimum of 9’ from another piece of equipment)?

               -  Are swings and other moving equipment kept in a different
                   part of the playground than the standing apparatus?

               -  Are gaps in equipment small enough so that a child cannot
                   fall between them or get a body part stuck or squeezed?

               -   Are there any broken, rusted or splintered parts?

               -   Is there a gate in good working order surrounding the

               -  Does the surface cover the ground completely? Is it loose
                   and well-maintained?

               -   Is the sandbox covered overnight?

               -   Is anything too hot to use or play on?

  • Parents should guide children about appropriate playground behavior that includes

               -   No pushing or fighting

               -   Proper usage of equipment

               -   Leaving bikes and packages out of equipment’s way.


By being a tad more vigilant about playtime in the park, parents can reverse the trend of playground injuries and liability risks, completing the happy picture of an idyllic childhood pastime.

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Summary: It’s the picture of childhood bliss: playground activity. But is it really? With over 200,000 annual playground related injuries, parents need to arm themselves with associated safety tips. Find them here – from PRIME Insurance Agency!


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