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Does Your Club Have Adequate Insurance Coverage?

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If you thought your fraternal club is immune to insurance protection, you’ve got another thing coming. All sorts of liability exposure can creep up, leaving your organization vulnerable to losses – even catastrophic losses.

From the files of PRIME Insurance Agency

NJ Non-Profit Insurance Claims involving Fraternal Clubs

  • A fraternal club held a closed-door get-together for associates and their friends. One guest happened to be a minor. He displayed a false identity card and was served beer. The underage participant became drunk. While driving home, he was the perpetuator of an auto accident that resulted in loss of life.

  • A few members attending a fraternal club’s dance left the event after drinking several alcoholic beverages. A short while after leaving the dance, the vehicle that they were traveling in crashed into another car, resulting in a passenger’s severe head injury. The accident victim remained comatose for sixty days and accumulated more than $350,000 in hospital bills. Ultimately, the injured party filed a lawsuit against the fraternal club on account of the alcohol drinks that were served.

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  • A club guest started a fist fight that resulted in injury. The victim brought an Assault and Battery lawsuit against the fraternal club.


  • A woman who worked at the club filed a lawsuit against the board, claiming the directors and officers failed to oversee the actions of their manager when he physically harassed her.

  • The directors and officers of a nonprofit were at risk of losing their assets after the society lacked the resources to disburse payments for a lawsuit filed against it.

  • Following only one term on the board of directors, an officer retired. A year and a half later, the man was named in a lawsuit for mismanagement of funds over the course of the past 5 years. Because the present board of directors had not renewed its insurance policy, he was not covered for the allegations.

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Summary:  A fraternal club is a great institution where like-minded people enjoy social interaction incorporating friendship and shared interests. Don’t let associated liability risks lead to financial damages.


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