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What do you know about Planes / Airports?

9 Fun Facts from NJ Travelers Insurance Experts

Did you know?

  1. The International Airport in Nashville, TN is a licensed liquor providing premises. That’s why travelers can take their alcoholic drink from the airport pub to the boarding waiting area.

  2. The International Airport in San Francisco, CA, as well as the Midway Airport in Chicago, IL, give travelers with long waits something relaxing to do until boarding time: rooms specifically designed to practice yoga.

  3. The coat dilemma for ‘snowbirds’ heading for the balmier climates doesn’t have to exist if they travel via NY’s JFK. At Terminal 5, vacationers can take advantage of a service that lets you store your winter coat prior to departing and then retrieve it upon returning. 

  4. The now-popular online pre-boarding check-in was first utilized by Alaska’s Airline in 1999.

  5. American Airlines employed a thrifty tactic in 1987 when it eliminated an olive from every salad served to First-Class passengers. Overall savings totaled: $40,000.

  6. While many people are afraid of flying, the odds against airplane disaster are overwhelming, with a one in 11 million crash risk for US residents per year.

  7. On average, there is one flight attendant and one restroom for every fifty passengers on an airplane.

  8. The smoke-line of white in the sky left behind in the sky by an airplane can help weathermen with weather forecasts.

  9. Atlanta GA’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has consistently been the busiest airport in the world as of a report in 2015.

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