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What Type of Insurance for the Professional Musician?

They say music is the language of the soul. Nonetheless, the people behind the music need down-to-earth protection.

Insurance Coverage for Musicians

Because musicians run the full-gamut of the varying venues, the risk exposure reflectively depends on:

  • what they play
  • who they play for
  • and whom they are managed by

Some musicians sign up with an agent or managing company that deals with every detail of performances and contracts. Other musicians work autonomously, incorporating everything from music production to distribution. The resulting difference in risks is why every musician should discuss his or her own specific particulars with a knowledgeable independent insurance agent so that tailored coverage can be procured.


Insurance Coverage for Musical Instruments (Floaters)

Aside from the liability of the trade, musicians need to insure their instruments. It goes without saying that musical instruments can be very costly to repair or replace. Insurance coverage has to be applicable at home and at every site the instrument is transported to, even at locations where someone else is the property owner.

Of note is the fact that standard Homeowners Insurance provides coverage for instruments played solely for personal use and not those played professionally. The insurance industry is very careful about writing this form of insurance. Understandably, this is due to the high-value attributed to musical instruments, as well as the fact that they are very often in transit and are exposed to off-premises risks.

Speaking with an experienced insurance agent about the specifics in each case is fundamental in order to acquire the right policy.

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Summary: Insurance for musicians may be a complicated issue, involving the differing particulars of each type of performing artist.


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