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Prime Insurance Agency Presents….ACE USA Industry Solutions

Non-Profit Organizations
You know your non-profit organization’s goals. We know risk. Let us reduce yours.

US-based non-profit organizations operate worldwide, responding to need on a global basis. Workers and volunteer offer aid following natural disasters, give food to the hungry, and provide medical, educational and economic assistance. As latest occurrences in regions areas torn by war and terror have demonstrated, humanitarian workers are becoming more and more vulnerable to violence. But even in less dangerous areas, US-based non-profits can leave themselves open to exposures. International liability insurance and travel assistance programs are a necessity for non-profit organizations whose employees and volunteers travel beyond US borders.

Situations like these happen every day. Is your organization prepared to handle the potential consequences of situations like those listed below? International insurance products designed to reduce the risks associated with these and other exposures can be tailored to fit your organization’s exclusive needs. Think: when the world is your workplace, lowering the risk associated with providing humanitarian aid and services is of utmost importance!

  • A doctor dealing with AIDS orphans in Eastern Europe causes a serious car accident while operating a vehicle. The driver of the other car is permanently paralyzed. Her relatives sue the US-based non-profit that sponsored the physician’s trip. The Solution? DIC (Difference in Conditions) from ACE USA International Advantage responds to the lawsuit, presuming the automobile was driven on behalf of the organization.
  • An American aid worker is arrested in Central America, accused of drug trafficking. The Solution? The Executive Assistance Services package of emergency medical, personal, travel and security assistance services from ACE USA International Advantage. Available 24-hours a day, it provides access to English-speaking representatives who are familiar with the region’s cultures and customs. Prior to traveling, employees and volunteers can learn how to avoid potential risks associated with their destination.
  • US-based missionaries travel to Africa to teach modern agricultural techniques. Their leased farming equipment is stolen soon after their arrival. The Solution? ACE USA International Advantage covers the loss of owned or leased equipment. Through its global network of claims offices, ACE responds quickly and effectively to minimize losses and pay damages.
  • An American organization sends trained emergency medical workers and supplies to China hours after a major earthquake strikes. One of the workers is seriously injured during a rescue attempt, necessitating an airlift to Hong Kong for medical treatment. Total repatriation costs go above $70,000. The Solution? ACE USA International Advantage pays repatriation costs under its Executive Assistance Services.
  • An American minister and his family are living in Haiti, where he heads a faith-based school for impoverished children. He contracts Hepatitis B, but is not covered for endemic illness under his domestic worker’s comp policy. The Solution? ACE USA International Advantage pays repatriation costs under its Executive Assistance Services.

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ACE USA is a U.S.-based operating division of the ACE Group of Companies, headed by ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE). ACE
USA is a leading provider of property, casualty and accident and health insurance, financial products and risk management services through certain U.S. operating subsidiaries. The ACE Group of Companies provides insurance and insurance for a diverse group of clients around the world.

The information provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not amend or alter in any way the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy delivered. Please consult the policy for exact terms and conditions.

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