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Your Detached Garage: The Pitfall of Theft



Did you know?
The FBI ranks garages as fourth place in regard to burglar accessibility.  

While every homeowner’s common nightmare is theft, a detached garage presents particular concern. This of course is because it is a separate entity to your home. A garage that is devoid of people living within presents a green light to unscrupulous individuals interested in getting their hands on your stored items of value: vehicles, lawn maintenance equipment, tools, sports gear, etc.  

Despite the grim picture painted by official statistics, there are simple measures you can apply to deter prowlers.

Tips from Leading Homeowner Insurance Experts

  • Bar Windows, Doors and Openings

    Your first course of action in prevention is to remove the temptation. A garage window allows a view of what’s inside. To the would-be burglar, it presents the perfect opportunity to assess what is easy to make off with. Conceal your interior by covering any garage window. Place bars over them for further protection. Affixing deadbolt locks to doors and motion-activated outdoor garage lighting will discourage unwanted visitors as well.
  • Install a Security System

        Although your detached garage cannot usually be connected to   
        your home security wiring, today’s technology allows for wireless
        systems that give off an alarm when breached by an intruder.

  • Avoid Leaving Behind Your Remote Opener

        Thieves are looking to make off with your remote garage opener.
         If you leave it in the car, you may be inviting unwanted activity.
        Take your remote with you when you leave your car.

  • Never Leave Your Garage Door Open

        The number one rule for a detached garage is never to leave its   
        doors open. This applies even if family members are at home.
        After you back your car out of the garage before driving away,
        make sure the doors are completely closed and your garage is
        inaccessible to others.


  • Keep Locks, Windows, Doors Maintained

        Malfunctioning, damaged or broken locks, windows or openings 
        make entry easy for those seeking to get in your garage. Fix
        these, as well as any crack or gap in the structure.

  • Install Exterior Lighting and/or Cameras

        Burglars like dark places because they will not be easily detected
        during night hours when they attempt to commit a crime. Extra
        illumination, motion-detecting lights and security cameras will
        discourage a would-be theft.

  • Join a Neighborhood Watch Program

        Having a community eye and ear available is an excellent way to 
        shun criminals. By supporting your local Neighborhood Watch
        program, you help yourself and your surrounding area become

PRIME Insurance encourages all home owners to utilize basic methods to secure their property and belongings. Moreover, acquiring a tailored homeowners insurance policy will protect you in the event you suffer a loss resulting from fire, theft, vandalism or the like.

“Al from PRIME really gave me the knowledge I needed to make an educated choice of policy; now besides getting adequate coverage, I’ve got peace of mind…”

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Detached garages are of a specific security concern to homeowners. There are simple measures anyone can put into place to deter would-be intruders. Following these seven burglar-proofing steps as well as acquiring adequate homeowners insurance coverage will give you the peace of mind that comes with doing your all to protect yourself. 


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