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What are Interesting Facts about the Cold of Winter?

The shivering cold has hit the Tri-State area. With the wind chill factor at a dangerous level and snow accumulation for Upstate NY, including the famous snow belt of Buffalo, NY, the National Weather Service warns of the bitter cold.  

As residents bundle up, PRIME Insurance offers some cold hard facts about the frigid season.

9 Teeth-Chattering Wintertime Statistics

  1. More people die in the US from the cold of winter than the heat of winter.

  2. It is a myth that cars require warming up prior to driving in the cold temperatures.
  3. Some people suffer from the phobia, Chionophobia – the unrelenting fear of snow, particularly the fear of being shut in by snow.

  4. The Northeast’s Great Blizzard of 1888 occurred from March 11th – 14th in portions of NY, NY, CT, and MA and was responsible for about 50” inches of snow accumulation, road blockage, phone, telegraph and train interruption and 400 fatalities.

  5. Auto insurance figures show that close to 900 deaths and 117,000 injuries result from vehicular collisions in snowfalls and sleet conditions each winter.

  6. The 1st subway systems were created in NY, NY and Boston, MA, as a result of the 1888 Blizzard deadlock.

  7. Noted in 1983 at the Bostok Station of Antarctica, Minus 123 degrees Celsius was the coldest temperature known to the world.

  8. NY, NJ, PA, IL and MA spend more than $2.3 billion on snow and ice maintenance each winter.

  9. WA State’s Mt. Baker ski region breaks the universal snowfall record: 1,140” during the winter of 1998 – 1999.

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Summary: As residents of the Northeast bundle up, PRIME Insurance offers some cold hard facts about the frigid season.


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