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Fun Facts about the Ship, Boat and Watercraft

Why are some watercraft called ships, others boats and still others yachts? What are the different uses? PRIME Insurance Agency explores the intriguing world of water transportation.

Did you know?

  • The bible lists specific measurements for one of the most famous ships – Noah’s Ark
  • The term ‘ship’ refers to large water vessels, while the word ‘boat’ is in regard to a smaller one

  • Watercraft serve our needs for transportation, recreation, fishing and sport matches as well as armed force maneuvers

  • Kayaks, canoes, rowboats and the like are propelled by human exertion, while sailboats are pushed by the wind’s force and motorboats use engines as their driving source

  • The original canoes were created by Native Americans by carving out the inside of logs

  • Cargo ships transport merchandise from port to port across the globe

  • Ferryboats carry both people and cars across waterways

  • Houseboats are homes that are built to stand on water
  • A ship’s hull is made up of the vessel’s principal frame, as well as the bottom, sides and deck

  • The stern refers to the back portion of the watercraft

  • A yacht is used for pleasure and is thought of as a luxury vessel attached to a hefty price tag

  • 1,517 passengers and crew members drowned while on the 1912 luxury cruise ship, the Titanic, when it hit an iceberg and descended into the freezing ocean waters. 

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Summary: Row, row your boat and more…Prime Insurance navigates the fun facts about watercraft!


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