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Insurance and Other Fascinating Things about a Tornado

Heartbreak, devastation and destruction – these are things we hear daily about the wrath of a tornado. Follow along the list below to discover remarkable details about Mother Nature’s powerful cyclone of force.

Tornado Coverage that will Astound You

  • The tornado is the speediest wind in the world.
  • The US has approximately 1,000 tornadoes annually - many more than any other place in the globe.
  • Wind and Hail Insurance covers property damages from a tornado.
  • A tornado that hovers over an ocean, sea, lake or pond.
  • A powerful gust has the ability to lift a building into the air and transport it to the other end of a street.
  • The spring and summer tornado hot spots are located in NE, SD, TX, KS.

  • Forks and knives hurled by tornadoes have been found within the trunks of trees.
  • A tornado begins as a white or gray swirl; it becomes black from the eventual accumulation of dirt.
  • A supercell is a tornado that is thought to be created from a thunderstorm.
  • The infamous KS tornado of 1928 actually pulled feathers out of chickens!
  • The MO tornado of 1931 raised a train weighing eighty-three tons off its tracks and hurled it eighty feet away.

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Summary: Bet you didn’t know these wild things about tornadoes! Prime Insurance Agency highlights these surprising facts.


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