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Falling Leaves? OMG, It’s Raining Leaves!

Homeowners, Get the rakes out!

I looked out of my front window and all I could see was rain. Not the wet kind, mind you, but a rather dry colorful blend type!

Honest to goodness, it was raining leaves on my front lawn!

Turning to my gang, I said, “Guys, I’m the boss here.  It’s time for action. Grab the rakes, get the leaf blower and let’s get to it! This is going to be one big family project!”

Join the fun too as you make your family leaf clean-up even more enticing by learning new things related to raining leaves!

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8 Fun Facts about Falling Foliage

  • Leaves fall as a result of aging veins. As the leaf veins collapse, the phosphate withdraws leading to a break-off from the branch.
  • Yellow, orange, rust, wine, red…those beautiful colors in the leaves are brought about by sunny, warm autumn weather accompanied by the cool of fall nights. The color-producing photosynthesis is lessened during a rainy season that minimizes the sunlight.
  • A chiropractic study revealed that every year, approximately 28,000 folks complain about associated leaf raking shoulder, neck and back pain.
  • Bet you can’t guess how many leaves fall in just one acre of forestland every autumn? Experts say up to 2 tons!
  • A strong adult tree could hold approximately 200,000 leaves. Throughout sixty years of tree life it could produce and cast off a total of three thousand, six hundred leaves!
  • Who says you need the gym for a good workout? According to the experts, a man weighing 200 pounds can burn up to 409 calories in one hour by raking it up!
  • Prefer to blow your leaves? Don’t move to Sacramento, CA and the 19 others in the state where leaf blowing machine usage is not legally allowed!
  • Get more jump out of your leap by diving into what’s considered the ideal leaf mound: a minimum center of 3” in height and double that amount in width circumference

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Summary: More fall fun from Prime Insurance Agency!



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