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Are You a Land Owner that Leases to Others?

You Are Liable for Damages! 

You are a land owner. Though you lease your property to others, you face a lot of undesirable liability exposure. Follow the claim examples below to understand what type of risk you face.

NJ Claim Scenarios

Parking lot liability:

A parking lot patron slipped and fell onto irregular parts of the concrete's surface. The woman suffered a broken wrist that required medical attention amounting to $5,000 in doctors’ bills. She brought a claim against the land owner for lack of maintenance on the property. Settlement was reached at $25,000, encompassing costs of defense.

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Building on premises liability:

The land owner has a long term lease with the building’s owner whose tenant is a night club. One evening, a night club patron suffered extensive injuries and brought a negligent security claim against anyone he could: the land owner, the building owner and the nightclub owner. The claimant was awarded $100,000 to be paid by the land owner. There was an additional defense cost.

Storage lot liability:

Over time, a storage lot owner allowed rubbish to pile up. Because it was not contained, it was blown onto a nearby property during a storm. This resulted in some damage to the other property’s building. The neighboring property owner filed a $20,000 property owner lawsuit against the storage lot owner. Settlement was reached at $5,000.

Hunting Liability:

A land owner leased his property to a hunters’ society. The society neglected to remove certain traps. Then, a passing game warden incurred extensive foot injury after stepping into one trap. Doctors’ bills amounted to more than $15,000. The warden brought a claim against the land owner that incorporated his medical bills, lost wages and partially disabled foot. Settlement was reached at $150,000.

PRIME Insurance – Helping Land Owners Acquire Tailored Protective Coverage

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Summary: You are a property owner. You lease the property to someone else. In the event damages are incurred, guess who is liable?


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