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How to Make Your Home More Allergy-Safe


Experiencing allergy symptoms even inside your home? Time to fight back! Use these tried and true tips to relieve yourself of those awful sniffs, sneezes, coughs, itchy eyes and runny nose.

Minimize Your Risk of Irritant Exposure

  • Fix leaks
    Check your home for any moisture that can cause mold and mildew. Not only will fixing leaks in the roof and pipes minimize allergy symptoms, it will put your house in a well-maintained better NJ Homeowners Insurance rate category.
  • Pass on the carpeting
    Carpets are a haven for dust mites. If possible, choose hard wood flooring over broadloom or carpeting and you’ll breathe the difference!   


  • Don’t make your bed
    Yes, you read right. Your home allergens dust mites love your bed and mattress. When you curl up at night between your blanket and sheets, you sweat and shed skin – making it a haven for the nuisance. A made bed in the morning only folds the mites in, intensifying your exposure to them at night. If you do not make your bed, the air and sun’s light help dry the moisture that helps them exist.
  • Wash your dishes by hand
    Here’s a paradox. A policy to use your dishwasher is a great way to get super clean dishes and cutlery; but it also eliminates the exposure to allergens that kids need to develop some form of immunity.


  • Resist the Alcoholic Drink
    Some folks get irritated by drinking wine or beer. Some run the risk of getting an allergic reaction from the sulfite ingredient. Moreover, by staying away from alcohol, sufferes may even experience less of a reaction to the day’s natural allergens.
  • Ditch your Rake
    Raking leaves and debris can put you in contact with the mold that has settled on your property. To prevent uncomfortable allergy symptoms, pass the rake over to a family member who is not so sensitive or hire a yard man!


  • Quit Smoking
    Smoking tends to exaggerate seasonal allergies and its symptoms.
  • Avoid Perfume, Cologne and Other Potent Smells
    Invasive smells from perfumes, nail polish, paints, etcetera, may make the season’s allergies more intense.


  • Trade your Contact Lenses for Glasses
    Some folks don’t do well with contact lenses during the allergy seasons. Pollen can get trapped within the lenses and your eyes causing aggravated symptoms.
  • Wave Certain Food Away
    Foods like melon, tomatoes, bananas, zucchini, sun-flower seeds and chamomile teas can aggravate your seasonal allergies.


  • Clean Yourself… and Your Pet
    After spending time outside, you and your pet can bring in pollen. Minimize the effect by wiping your shoes off well before entering your home and rubbing off your dog or cat. Make sure you take a shower and change clothing as well after coming inside.  
  • Insulate Your Home
    Keep every window and door tightly closed to block out allergens. Change your air conditioner’s filter, as well. 

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Summary: Looking for ways to minimize your allergy symptoms? PRIME Insurance Agency gives these great tips on how to modify your home for breathe-easy anti-allergen living!


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