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Why Auto Accident Claims Result in Spying

While most people involved in a car or work related accident do not falsify injury claims, the insurance companies are intent on catching the ones who do. That is why they may devote specific measures to verifying any injuries related to a collision or business incident. These can include:

  • Looking over your online presence and interaction

  • Checking if your medical records correspond with your injury claim

  • Speaking to bystanders that witnessed an accident to determine if you were hurt as you claim to be

  • Questioning your boss about you in regard to performance and your injury claim

  • Engaging private-investigators to monitor, photograph and video your activities to verify your claims are true


If your injury claim is a valid one, there is nothing to fear about the potential of surveillance. Be as straightforward as you can when filing your claim by doing the following:

  • Describe injuries precisely as they are

  • Do not exaggerate or underestimate the extent of your injuries to family members and friends

  • Do not publicize anything about your insurance claim on a public platform such as social media

  • Conduct yourself only as advised by your physician

Fun Fact: If you filed an insurance claim about a back injury and post pictures on your Facebook page lugging a pail of prized trout, your insurance company will smell something fishy!


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Summary: Filed a car or business injury claim? Surprise! Surprise! Your insurance company may be spying on you!


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