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The Sobering Facts on Drugging while Driving

An Important Memo from Prime Insurance

“I know driving and taking drugs is a recipe for disaster,” you might say.

The sobering statistics will give you a more precise picture of the gravity of the scenario. According to a 2010 report, eleven percent of fatal collisions involved drivers under the influence of drugs. Now, add on a 2016 analysis depicting 11.8 million who have driven with drugs in their systems to consider the extent of associated dangers.

As the legalization of recreational marijuana is become more and more prevalent, the ramifications are not lost on auto insurers and society.

Marijuana imbued drivers involved in car accidents follow behind drivers under the influence of alcohol. Drivers taking prescription medication have directly been linked to auto crashes as well, with cocaine users lagging behind in frequency.

Below find more findings on the topic.

  • More than 25% of US drivers under the influence of drugs involved in fatal vehicular accidents in 2010 were above 49 years of age.

  • More teen drivers drive under the influence of marijuana than alcohol.

  • Among college-age drivers, marijuana use is most commonly used; trailed by cocaine and over the counter pain medication.

  • Illegal of misused drugs are related to unsafe driving, similar to drunk driving.

  • Inexperience behind the wheel coupled with drug usage among teen drivers yields more devastating outcomes.

Auto Insurance agents urge drivers to practice safety. If you are drinking or using drugs, always designate another driver.

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Summary: Much information about the dangers of drunk driving has been highlighted. In this thought-provoking article, Prime Insurance focuses on risks of driving while under the influence of drugs.


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