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Holiday Partying – 5 Tips in Curbing the Drinking

“C’mon one more drink won’t hurt you!”

Whether the comment is from a fellow party-goer or your inner voice of temptation, facts are facts. One more alcoholic drink can actually hurt a whole lot – and, if you drive, it has the potential of seriously impacting your life…and others. Resolve yourself to withstand the harmful lure by embracing a personal plan before setting out for any holiday event.  

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5 Tips on Avoiding Holiday Overdrinking


  • Assess your personal drinking stamina. Then set the limit to how many drinks you are able to consume without feeling the effects of the alcohol.

  • Once you’ve reached your limit, refuse a drink offer with a prepared line about why you can’t drink any more. (i.e. “I’ve got an early morning business appointment that I can’t mess up by oversleeping.”)

  • Arrange a support system. Enlist a friend’s help in advising you when it’s time to say ‘no’ to that other drink.  

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  • Alcohol is not absorbed into the blood stream as fast if consumed on a full stomach. Make sure to eat a wholesome meal before heading out to your party and keep nibbling as you drink.

  • Avoid drinking multiple glasses of alcohol in quick succession. Instead, space each drink two hours apart. Take small sips as opposed to downing your drink in fast gulps.



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Just one more drink… That extra drink may do you in. Be a responsible holiday drinker with five easy tips from PRIME Insurance!


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