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Are Diving Boards Worth The Risks?

Summer Fun vs Danger

Ah, the summer! When school’s out and the sun is in, summer is the joyous time synonymous with relaxation, recreation and good old fashioned family fun . Having a backyard pool serves these functions well. But what about the diving board that used to be the swimming pool staple of excitement? In case, you haven’t observed, it’s not as prevalent as the past. The reason for this is as sobering as the injuries that occur as a result of its use.  

Diving Board Perils in Insurance Claims

  • Related injury includes cataclysmic spinal cord damage

  • Probability of an injury occurring increases if the board is stationed 3 feet or higher above the water

  • Two thirds of those injured from associated incidents involve children under the age of 15

  • Children between 10 and 14 years of age are most prone to face injury from diving board use

  • Youngsters between 10 and 19 years of age have a greater  likelihood for limb injury from diving board use

  • Children under 10 have a greater risk of cuts to the body as a result of diving board use

  • About 44% of related injuries are associated with diving board collision

  • The chances of a board collision greatly increases with a flip-flop, handstand or back dive


Diving Boards and Home Insurance

After reviewing the above list, it’s no wonder that diving boards are considered an insurance risk. As a homeowner, not only are you responsible for you and your family’s wellbeing at the pool, but also any guests’.  In general, you will have a rate increase if you install a diving board to your swimming pool. Whether you think having a diving board is worth the added premium expense and injury risk is of course up to you. Taking all the precautions you can to ensure safety, though, should be your priority. Summer is a season to enjoy – make a big splash of it and keep well!

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Summer is a great time to enjoy time around the pool. The frightening risks and statistics regarding diving board injury have contributed to a new mindset bent on pool safety. Moreover, diving boards generally add cost to a homeowners insurance policy. Find out what the experts know about diving boards, judge for yourself, then, HAVE A PRIME DAY!


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