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How a Master Insurance Plan Saves Time, Energy and even Money!

From the files of PRIME Insurance:


“Prime Insurance.  How can I help you?”
“Yes, its Mark Smith from Smith Properties and Associates. Someone from your office called me about my property in Long Branch, NJ. Didn’t I just speak to you people last month about my other building in Dallas, Texas? Why is it that I have to be bothered so much by you insurance people? I’m a busy man. I have a business to run. I really have no time or energy for constant insurance matters.

“I understand, Mr. Smith. But, unfortunately, building insurance is not a simple matter. According to our records, you have multiple policies with us. You have policies for your building in New Jersey and in Texas, as well as others for your properties in Big Falls, Minnesota and Owensboro, Kentucky. These individual commercial insurance plans expire at differing times when we must update important information to ensure proper coverage. Once we get that information, we must search for appropriate policies with the lowest quotes. Then, of course, we have to get back to you with our findings. It’s a tiresome and ongoing procedure to say the least.

“This is really frustrating. Isn’t there a better way?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith. There is. Let me explain…”

Master Policy – the better way to insure multiple buildings

Instead of four different insurance policies for four different properties, there is a convenient and efficient coverage. The Master Policy insures all your properties under one policy, giving you one single effective and renewal date. Should you acquire an additional property during the year, it can be added seamlessly at any time with a pro-rated cost until the end of the year.

With the Master Policy you simplify everything: You get one bill + more comprehensive coverage + money saving premiums for bundling multiple buildings together.

“Aha! Now that sounds like an idea. But, tell me, can any agency get me the Master Plan?”

“To be honest, Mr. Smith, there are few agencies that can pull it all off successfully. As you must realize, you need an agency that has a working knowledge of multiple state laws when dealing with large property schedules such as yours. In addition, you need an agency that has been appointed to directly deal with a broad range of underwriters who can and will present the right options to you. “

“I know that you are describing Prime Insurance’s capabilities. But do you have the experience to back your sales pitch?”

“We certainly do, Mr. Smith.”                               

 PRIME Insurance and Master Policies

  • Recently Prime Insurance facilitated a Master Policy for the owner of 25 strip malls in Texas, Florida and Massachusetts. Not only did the client receive no-fuss insurance, he got a 20% discount on premiums.
  • Another businessman contacted Prime about multiple nursing homes in New Jersey. Together with the convenience of his new Master Policy, he raked it in significantly at 14% savings.
  • Yet another man ensured his multiple rental apartment buildings in Wyoming under one Master Policy and received superior coverage at a whopping 25% discount.

Thinking about a Master Policy? Visit or contact us for more info.


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