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Seven Ways to Keep the Barbecue Safe for Your Kids

A Fourth of July Weekend PRIME Insurance Special!

Say Fourth of July and memorable images of fun family barbecues come to mind. Don’t let inherent danger get in the way of the time-honored event!

  1. Enhance the excitement leading up to the weekend by gathering kids around to tell them about what to expect – all the fun, good food, games and camaraderie that goes along with the celebrations. Then, teach younger kids not to get too close to the actual barbecue spot zone. Guide bigger kids how to barbecue the safe way, starting with charcoal arrangement and flame adjustment. 

  2. Emphasize fire-safety. Show kids how to react to a situation when clothing can catch fire. Practice the stop, drop and roll technique with your kids.

  3. Minimize any potential child hazards while setting up for the barbecue by cushioning pointy edges with masking, electrical or duct tape. Keep your grilling utensils out of reach of youngsters.

  4. Mark off the actual barbecue site with chalk or sticks to indicate the danger zone for small kids.

  5. Make sure children under the age of four years are served appropriate food that does not carry a choking risk. Cut hot dogs, hamburgers, grapes and anything at risk into small pieces for them.
  6. Keep alcoholic beverages out of reach and range of children and reserved only for the adults.

  7. Appoint someone to supervise the young ones while the grilling goes on so that safety is assured.

Happy Safe Fourth of July from all of us at PRIME Insurance Agency! Enjoy the moment, as well as the warm family memories you will have to cherish!


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Summary: Keep family barbecuing a fun experience by keeping child danger away.


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