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How to Prevent Becoming a Mugging Victim

The news sources tell you about muggings all of the time. What you want to ensure is that the reports you hear about are as close to the crime as you come.

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With theft claims commonplace, insurance specialists bring these pointers on how to actually prevent a mugging event from happening in the first place.

Anti-Mugging Tips

  • Deliberate over your clothing:

    A) Besides the tendency to carry cash, tourists tend not to be as
        aware of danger as the locals and are therefore prime target for
        muggers. Don’t wear anything that identifies you as a foreigner.

    B) Avoid wearing ostentatious jewelry.

    C) Avoid walking around with big handbags, carrycases or
        backpacks that may indicate to a thief that you have things of
        value inside of them.


  • Walk only along brightly lit areas and where there are many other pedestrians. Avoid parts where shady characters are known to roam.

  • Familiarize yourself with directions to destination spots; don’t let yourself appear lost.

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  • Try to appear poised and confident on the streets: criminals target people who look vulnerable.

  • Lone travelers are more likely to be targeted by a mugger, so travel in a group.

  • If you suspect you are being tailed by an undesirable or in the event you are victimized:

    A)     Move on to a populated spot quickly.

    B)      Call loudly for assistance.

    C)      If nothing else helps, defend yourself with pepper spray or
             by physically fighting back until there is an opportunity to
             flee and report the incident to authorities.

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Summary: Unfortunately, muggings are an everyday occurrence. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim with these tips from the insurance professionals.


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