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Businesses: How to keep Your Exterior Snow-Free

Winter’s approach means cold - and snow, oftentimes loads and loads of it. Insurance companies as well as business owners realize that the white mess contributes to liability risks. Commercial institutions that have an efficient maintenance plan in place successfully prevent falls and other related accidents from occurring.

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The following list pinpoints areas that demand the most snow clearing care.

Snow Cleaning Tips from the Insurance Pros

Preparation of Entryways

  • Lay down mats at entrances when it rains or snows.

  • Mats should be composed of sturdy nitrile rubber and constructed to endure the weather conditions of your locale. Make sure edges lay uniform with the rest of the mat to prevent fall hazards.

  • Make sure any tiled flooring is consistently kept dry.

  • Mark off wet flooring with caution symbols.

  • Mop with floor cleansers that include traction ingredients.

  • Inspect mats on a regular basis. Replace any that show signs of excessive water retention.

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Snow Clearing Areas

  • Fire hydrants, control valves, hose houses

  • Sidewalks, ramps, entry areas

  • Driveways

  • Roadways

  • Heating and ventilation equipment and ducts

  • Roofing

  • Overhangs and canopies

Snow Piling

Communicate with snowplowing crews on an ongoing basis. Establish where to place shoveled snow. Shovel snow away from:

  • Main entrance, walkways

  • Hydrants, fire house connections, outside sprinkler control valves

  • Spots where snow will not melt onto parking lot, roadway or sidewalk and refreeze

Sidewalk Maintenance

  • Draft a written plan for sidewalk clearing; establish a backup support team and emergency actions.

  • Clarify procedures. Note who the responsible parties are for every duty and keep a record of job and time completed. 

    Preventing Ice

  • Prevent snow and ice development and ease snow plow tasks by spreading chemical freezing point depressants early onto dry surfaces early on in the season. This incorporates salt, chemicals, sand mixtures and brine.

  • Reapply chemicals during snowfall.

  • Add salt brine (liquid) to salt or chemicals before applying to surface so that the solution will liquefy, reducing the likelihood of it being blown or swept away by vehicles.

  • Use the above solution to de-ice matter that has already been frozen over.


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Summary: Snow and ice may be the number one enemies of the business owner. Prevent possible slip and fall risks by following these tips from the insurance specialists.


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