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Fascinating and Funny Things about Homeowners and their Houses

Owning a home involves a lot of juggling - from insurance coverage to maintenance and everything in between. Just for the fun of it, take a break from it all, relax and enjoy these entertaining homeowner tidbits!

Home, Condo and Apartment Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • The majority of homeowners live in the same house for approximately 6 years.

  • A business in Japan presented a nifty invention that lifts a home safely off its base when an earthquake strikes and returns it to original position after the tremors have ceased.

  • The ion in brass door handles is the ingredient that intrinsically sterilizes against germs and mold.

  • Scottish homeowners celebrate paying off their mortgage by painting their front doorways red.

  • As per an old wife’s tale, if birds fly into a house it is indicative of imminent loss of life.

  • Bringing a previously used broom into a new home is thought to bring bad luck.
  • The majority of realtors believe an overtly high asking-price is the reason for a homeowner’s inability to sell his house.
  • If a person was to stand within a high chimney and gaze upwards, it would be possible to view the stars in the daytime.

  • House warming parties are a tradition that goes back to the time when well-wishers would bring the new homeowners firewood to place within their fireplaces for heating.
  • Plants not only beautify your home, but also replenish oxygen levels and boost moods.

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Summary: PRIME Insurance Agency’s passion for home insurance extends to home fun facts in this intriguing piece written for you to enjoy.


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