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Wildfire Damages: What Your Insurance Covers

If you haven’t thought about a wildfire, all you need as a reminder of the possibility of its occurrence is a look at the national news stories. The devastation and impact on both property and human life is heartrending.  Is there anything to do to prepare for this type of disaster?

Among your first actions is to review your NJ Homeowners Insurance Policy. In all probability, it should cover damages that may be incurred as a result of this type of disaster.

NJ Homeowners Insurance, The Essential Protection

  • Living Expenses

If government officials prohibit entry into your home, your policy should provide reimbursement for alternate living costs, including a standard motel stay and meal expenses.

  • Advance Payment

If you experience a related loss that is covered by your policy, your insurance company can

arrange for advance monetary payment, should you be in need.

  • Pet Arrangements

Your pets are a consideration in the event of dislocation due to order of the authorities. Your Homeowners Insurance Policy should provide for short-term living at a pet care service center.

  • Tree Replacement

A standard Homeowners Insurance Policy should pay for the replacement of any tree, shrub or plants that were damaged from direct contact with wildfire. Talk to your insurance agent to find out limitations.

  • Insurance Claims

In order to expedite claims procedure, it is a good idea to create an itemized inventory of any personal property or assets that have incurred damage or destruction as a result of the wildfire. List and describe items by citing how old each one is and include current market value, as well as make, model and serialized number.

  • Restoration Work

While you are always at liberty to select any repair place, it is best to choose from those that are experienced, insured and bonded – and provide documented guarantees for their workmanship.


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Summary: How do you protect yourself from the ravages of a wildfire? The first step is by having a trusted NJ Homeowners Insurance policy.


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