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Trampoline Fun and Your Homeowners Insurance

Every summer, headlines scream about children, trampolines and related accidents.

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If you do own a trampoline or are thinking about getting one, it’s best to check the terms of your Homeowners Insurance policy. Because of the inherent risks, you might discover that you do not have the coverage you genuinely need.  

The Three Scenarios to Trampoline Coverage

Trampoline coverage under a Homeowners Insurance policy often depends on the state you live in and the insurance company you deal with. Take the time to review the terms and conditions of your plan. You may encounter one of these applicable situations:

  1. Trampoline Coverage
    If your policy does not specify any exclusion for trampolines, you may own, use and allow guests to use the bouncing toy. In the event someone is injured while jumping on it and you are sued, your homeowners liability insurance can kick in and help pay for the damages.

  2. Trampoline Coverage ONLY with Certain Requirements
    Your policy may cover the risk exposure related to trampoline ownership and usage subject to specified safety requisites, such as fencing.

  3. Trampoline Exclusion
    If your homeowners insurance excludes trampolines, you will not  be covered in the event of a related accident.

Tapping into the knowledge and advice of an experienced independent insurance agent that has access to many of the trusted companies will get you more of the facts that pertain to your particular situation.

Of course, weighing insurance coverage options is not the only factor to consider. Even if you get an ‘all-clear’ from insurance, you will want to place safety provisions before else so that fun does not suddenly become disaster.

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Summary: The joy of jumping can be stifled if your Homeowners Insurance policy excludes your backyard trampoline from coverage. Find out the basics of what you need to know with this brief outline.


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