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PRIME Insurance Salutes an American Holiday


10 Remarkable Facts about Columbus Day

To some, he was a hero. To others, he seems more like a scoundrel. Find out what Christopher Columbus and the holiday named in his honor really is about.

  • Columbus Day is the national holiday commemorating Columbus and crew’s October 12, 1492 discovery of America.

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  • The anniversary has been marked since the time of the colonies, becoming a federal holiday in 1937 and officially assigned to the second Monday in October in 1971. 

  • Those lucky enough to be a school teacher, teacher or government employee in most states celebrate it as a day of leisure.
  • Banks and the postal service are among those that do not operate on this day.
  • Of late, there are a few states that do not pay for time off for government employees on this day.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota – these are the states that differ in viewpoint regarding Columbus Day. Not considered a holiday at all in these areas, Columbus and his cohorts in fact are thought of as villains who disregarded human rights of the natives they met upon arrival.

  • Instead of Columbus Day, Hawaii selected the name ‘Discoverers’ Day’ – their version of a time to commemorate Polynesians who uncovered the islands in the Americas.
  • ‘Native American Day’ is the substitute title for the holiday that residents in South Dakota celebrate.
  • Monday October 6, 2014 was the date the city council of Seattle, WA elected to change the name we have always recognized for the holiday. Dubbing it ‘Indigenous People’s Day’, residents celebrate the second Monday of the month of October as a tribute to the Native Americans and all they contributed.
  • Americans of Italian root find Columbus Day especially enticing due to the mutual tie they have with Columbus’ Italian faith and culture. Thus, they are prone to participate in events and parades in commemoration.

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Was Columbus a hero or a rogue? As we celebrate the national holiday that has become a hot topic of controversy, learn some quick facts about it – brought to you by PRIME Insurance.


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