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Esther F, Lakewood, NJ:
As a newly married couple, we were unfamiliar and inexperienced. The one thing we did know was that we needed car insurance. Leizer put us completely at ease, taking the time to simplify everything. After being provided with a quote, we shopped around with other agencies – only to come back to PRIME. The rate that Leizer provided was totally in line with his great manner!

E. S., Deal, NJ:
Thanks PRIME for introducing me to a Master Policy. It not only uncomplicated the process of renewals for several corporate buildings, but saved me money as well!                                                                                                                                                    
P. Thomson, Philadelphia, PA:
Just dropping a note here to express my joy with PRIME Insurance Agency.  I’m an apartment complex owner with a number of older properties so finding a protective policy without any lead exclusions is a real priority. The problem is that for most insurance companies, such a product is nonexistent.  Following an extensive search over the course of a few days, I was finally able to come up with a policy that included lead coverage.  The rates I was quoted, though, seemed inexplicably high. Then, I contacted PRIME. Within no time, they put together a satisfactory package at an affordable rate! Thank you, PRIME for taking the worry off my head. You really came through!
Leah O., Lakewood, NJ:
I tried a slew of insurance agencies before coming to Prime Insurance. They did not give me the usual runaround, but actually called me back to supply me with an even better quote than they had satisfied me with before!

P. L., Long Branch, NJ:
Thank you, Shaindy of PRIME Insurance. You were just as pleasant and helpful when I needed you AFTER I bought the policy as before I bought it. When I actually had a claim, you helped with the process so that all the pieces came together efficiently. Now that’s real service! 

Lazer P., Barnegat, NJ:
When I was in my early 20s, the most important thing about an auto policy was the price, so I did what a lot of folks do – went online for insurance that came with little more than what seemed like the lowest quote. Experience has taught me a thing or two since then. A reputable agency that takes the time to explain options in regard to individual circumstance, while leaving the ultimate decision in your hands, demonstrates marked professionalism essential for the consumer. PRIME Insurance epitomizes that!

M. S., Deal, NJ:
As a Houston property owner residing in New Jersey, how was I to know about the perils of wind storms associated with the insurance industry of associated with Texas? You uncomplicated everything while ensuring I got smart coverage. Without your guidance, I would have opted for a cheaper plan with irreversible damage potential! You made a customer for life when you made me into an educated consumer!

F. P., Harrisburg, Penn:
When a pipe busted in my warehouse that exceptionally cold night, I was frantic. Although it was well after hours already, I called PRIME’s office with an urgent message. I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t hear from anyone until at least 9:00 am the next morning. To my surprise, someone did respond almost immediately. Al called me back and answered all my questions: What was the exact insurance protocol for a claim? Should I stop the water or not? How do I coordinate with the insurance company and the repair people? Al walked me through the initial claims process and assisted me with expertise afterwards as well. Within 2 months, I had a check in my hand for the losses I incurred and for the repairs, as well as for the cost of the temporary site I had to rent and I was back to business as usual with everything magically in place.

B.N., Brooklyn, NY:
Through its network of reputable insurance companies, PRIME presented our nursing home with a comprehensive policy that not only covered us for losses, but included guidance assistance, helping us manage and minimize the never-ending aging services risks, including fall exposures. Thank you to agent, Zurich Spero, for going above and beyond the call of duty!     

T.M., Toms River, NJ:
They told me Workers’ Comp is government regulated so it’s impossible to get a lower rate. PRIME Insurance proved they don’t know what they are talking about!

Mrs. T., Freehold, NJ:
Rome, Paris and London sound exotic to a young girl going on a school trip. To my husband and I, however, the entire idea put us on edge – especially with the world’s tension at its peak these days. When I heard the administration had acquired a student group international policy with PRIME Insurance, a similar coverage that we use for our employees that buy goods in China for our business, I was put at ease.
Z.B., Hartford, Connecticut:
The agents at PRIME kept telling me that it’s important to be protected. They were right. When my merchandise from Beijing got damaged on route to the port in New York, I was covered by the Ocean Cargo Insurance Policy they provided me with!   
S.E., Deal, NJ:
Since Hurricane Sandy, it’s difficult to get homeowner’s insurance in Deal. Kudos to PRIME Insurance for facilitating what seemed like impossibility!
B.B., Long Branch, NJ:
When I needed to provide a bond for the township as a guarantee that I would complete public site improvements together with the corporate building I was constructing, I went to PRIME Insurance instead of the bank. In place of paying the bank’s high interest, I only have to contend with a simple premium payment. Putting everything on simple terms, they explained the entire process to me. Thanks, PRIME!

PRIME Insurance is a 3-generation family-run independent agency that has won the admiration of the industry. We’ve been presented with numerous awards and been appointed to conduct direct business with more than 40 of the leading companies - big names such as ACE, ASI, ASSURANT, CHUBB, FOREMOST, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Plymouth Rock, PROGRESSIVE, Safeco, StillWater, Travelers, USLI, ZURICH and more. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, we benefit policyholders by reviewing current coverage, as well as by shopping our wide network to locate tailored coverage at competitively lowest quotes.

PRIME Insurance provides all forms of nationwide coverage, including NJ cheap auto insurance, low quote commercial umbrella insurance NJ, Houston, TX commercial property insurance, flood insurance, vacant property insurance NJ, NJ renters insurance, NJ homeowners insurance, NJ bonds, NJ workers comp, NJ life insurance and more. We invite you to experience the PRIME difference by visiting us on our online insurance website; emailing us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com; or by calling us at 732-886-5751.   


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