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How to Feel Better When You Get a Cold

Hatchoo! Sniff, sniff! Like it or not, cold season is here!

The fact that so many others experience the common illness does not make you feel any better. And though you’d love to hear about a cold cure, scientists insist there is none as yet.

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So, what can you do to make yourself more comfortable when the cold viruses strike?

Doctors quote numerous sources that suggest treatment can combat the aches, pains and unpleasant symptoms.

Ten Home Cold-Fighting Tips


  1. Get plenty of rest
    Sleep and rest helps your body heal. It also puts you in a better mood which helps you manage cold stress.

  2. Drink lots of fluids
    Avoid dehydration and release congestion by imbibing plenty of water, juice, tea, clear soup or a hot lemon and honey drinks.

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     3. Take over-the-counter pain medicine
         Adults can take Tylenol, Advil, aspirin and other common pain
         meds to reduce pain. Follow your pediatrician’s advice for infants
         and children.

      4. Use a cool mist vaporizer or a humidifier
          Moisturizing your home’s air may relieve congestion.

      5. Don’t sniff
          Sniffing in only exacerbates the congestion. Instead of sniffing,
          blow your nose the right way by pressing over a nostril and
          softly blowing through the other nostril.

      6. Spritz/Rinse
          Spurt a saline spray or home-made salt water solution into both
          nostrils to ease congestion.

      7. Gargle with Salt Solution
          Use a warm solution of salt and water to moisturize your throat.

      8. Apply a menthol balm
          Dot a little menthol balm under your nostrils to help with

      9. Apply a hot compress
          Applying a hot damp washcloth onto your sinuses will ease

     10. Sleep with more than one pillow
           Elevating your head should assist in relieving nasal congestion.

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Summary: As part of its ongoing blog series, PRIME Insurance Agency presents this informative article on home cold-treatment that will keep the sniffles, sneezes and shivers at bay.


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