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Why and How to Protect Kids from Hot Stoves

Every year hundreds of thousands of children in the US are rushed to hospitals as a result of burn injuries. Many of these accidents can be prevented by following simple common sense in the kitchen – something that not only will keep your family safe, but also minimize the risk of fire damage and associated NJ Homeowners Insurance Claims.

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Ten Hot Tips to Help Prevent Kitchen Burns


  1. Use the back burners of your stove when cooking.

  2. Turn pot handles away from front of the stove where little hands have a harder time accessing them.

  3. Sit babies and toddlers in a high chair when cooking, preparing and serving hot foods.

  4. Keep young children out of kitchen by placing a safety gate at the entrance when you do not want them in.

  5. Lock your oven door even when you are not using it on the self-cleaning mode so that children cannot open the door.

  6. Purchase safety stove knob coverings or remove stove knobs so children will not be able to turn on stove, particularly gas stoves that present an even graver danger.

  7. Mount an anti-tip gadget to a stove that is not attached to a wall.

  8. Keep all matches and stove top lighters out of kids’ ways.

  9. Teach older children to stop, drop and roll if clothes catch on fire to minimize injury.

  10. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in good working order.

PRIME Insurance Agency brings you this article on kids' kitchen safety as part of its ongoing educational blog.

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Summary: Kids love the kitchen. Prevent burn injuries by following these smart kitchen tips from Prime Insurance Agency!


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