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The Right Lawn Care Business Coverage

Commercial Umbrella Insurance NJ at Your Service!

If you own a lawn care business, you know your tasks. Mowing, edging, weeding, planting, reseeding, mulching, yard cleanup and related work have their risks, though. Owning a comprehensive commercial umbrella insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself from the liability you may be exposed to.

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Insurance Claims of Others

NJ Bodily Injury Insurance

  • Stan was in midst of turning his mowing machine around on the homeowner’s sidewalk when the accident occurred. His mowing machine hit a passing jogger’s foot. The jury found Stan at fault for careless operation of machinery and responsible for $42,000 in damages.

  • As Bill edged his customer’s lawn with a weed whacker, a pebble was flung into the air and landed hard against a child’s leg. Medical costs amounted to $2,750.

NJ Property Damage Insurance

  • Mike was blowing a customer’s leaves and grass away from the sidewalk of a home property. During the course of operating the blower, pebbles were also strewn about, onto a neighboring car. The car sustained damages to the body paint and windows. It was determined that Mike was guilty of negligence. His loss totaled $5,000.

  • Peter fixed a customer’s malfunctioning water sprinkler. At the end of the day, Peter went home. Thereafter, the water sprinkler malfunctioned once more, causing flooding and subsequent damage to a part of the home. Restoration work was above $22,000.

NJ Contractors Equipment Insurance

  • Sam placed some equipment into his customer’s garage while he did yard work. One morning, a garage fire damaged his machinery. Sam made an insurance claim for replacement of it at slightly less than $10,000.

  • Jane kept her prime lawnmower at a customer’s home during lunchtime as she went to an eatery. Upon returning to her lawn work, she noticed that the machine was missing! Jane filed an insurance claim for the lawnmower, valued at $11,200.

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Summary: The Lawn Care Business is complicated. Add inherent liability risk exposure and you know you need a quality commercial umbrella insurance policy!


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