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What is So Amazing about the Sparkling Diamond?

They say many things about the diamond.

“A diamond is a girl’s best friend” (Leo Rubin, author); “Diamonds are forever.” (Ian Fleming, author); “A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.” (Chinese proverb); “The loss of a diamond is not just about its monetary worth, but also about the sentimental value.” (A. Morgen, NJ insurance professional)

Nine Fun Facts about the Diamond's Glitter

  • Diamonds are formed approximately 100 miles below the surface of the ground and are transferred to the surface via volcanic eruptions.

  • Diamonds are made up entirely of carbon. The earth’s intense heat combines with its pressure to create its crystalline composition.

  • The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek, ‘adamas’, meaning 'unbreakable'.

  • Archduke Maxmillian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with the first known diamond engagement ring in 1477.

  • Diamonds are the most durable of natural materials. The singular substance able to scratch a diamond is – a different diamond!

  • During the Dark Ages, a diamond was viewed as a healing power with the ability to treat all forms of illnesses and physical conditions.

  • Diamonds are mined in India, Brazil, S Africa, Canada, Botwana, Namibia and Russia.

  • The biggest diamond ever mined was the Cullinan, weighing an incredible 3,106 carats (1.33 lb.). Presented to King Edward of Britain, it was ultimately made into 9 large diamonds and 100 smaller diamonds, with the three biggest currently on show in the Tower of London.
  • Insuring a diamond ring through a homeowners, renters or jewelry insurance policy is the best way to avoid heartache and financial forefeiture, in the event of a theft or loss.

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Summary: The diamond represents eternal endurance, promise, affection, and value. What is it about this gemstone that makes it so uniquely identified by the insurance companies?


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