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Why the Valet Parking Service Needs Insurance

There are many reasons for valet parking service insurance. After all, when you are temporarily dealing with other people’s vehicles, a variety of exposures can crop up.

The following related FL insurance claim, though certainly not in the range of the norm, puts a new perspective on the matter.

When James Fowler, owner of a $300,000-worth Ferrari, presented his keys to the valet service at the Vinoy Renaissance /resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida, he did so in good faith.

In his wildest dreams he did not imagine the scenario that occurred thereafter.

Another man, Levi Miles, who wished to impress the woman he was dating feigned ownership of the luxury car and asked for the keys. When the attendant grew impatient waiting for the ticket and turned away, the couple drove off. Only after a police officer stopped the fake owner for a driving infraction and grew suspicious did the real story come out.

Now, the genuine owner is suing the hotel parking service for negligence.

Valet Parking Services Insurance

If you are a hospital, event hall, restaurant, country club, hotel, museum and any other business that has a contract with valet parking services, you open yourself up to the risks.

Visitors come to the valet stand, present their key to an attendant and obtain a ticket. The valet gets in the car and parks it as a courtesy. Upon return, the vehicle owner returns the ticket and disburses the parking fee while the attendant surrenders the car back.

Other related services may include:

  • Auto detailing
  • Shuttle servicing

For more on valet parking service insurance coverage and how to tailor the protection to specific needs, speak to a qualified independent insurance agent.

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Summary: The outrageous account about how a man took someone else’s Ferrari under the very noses of a posh hotel’s valet staff only underscores the need for related commercial insurance. Here, Prime outlines the coverage points. 


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