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What Type of Insurance Do Parking Lot or Garage Owners Buy?

The Business Owner Policy that Covers Associated Liability Risks!

At PRIME Insurance, we’re familiar with the unique risk exposures you have. After all, we’re the address where other self-parking and attendant-serviced lots and parking garage owners come to for comprehensive coverage.

As a lot or garage owner, you face the potential of related losses and damages on a continual basis. The following true claim examples could happen to you as well.

Parking Lot and Garage Insurance Claim Scenarios

NJ General Liability Insurance / Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

  • After parking in the garage and exiting his car, a man slipped on an auto grease spill. The man suffered serious bruises to his face, legs and arms. Doctor and emergency room bill amounted to more than $5,000. A $5,000 settlement was reached.
  • After leaving her car, a parking lot patron slipped on freshly fallen snow. The woman suffered a broken hand which resulted in more than $15,000 of medical bills and lost wages. The woman initiated a lawsuit against the lot ending with a $55,000 settlement.
  • A truck driver filed an improper maintenance lawsuit against a parking facility, claiming he had fallen upon the lot’s strewn pebbles and incurred a disk herniation and broken ankle.  Doctors’ bills were above $75,000. The man also said he could no longer work because of his disability. The claimant won the $350,000 case which was later appealed and changed to $300,000. Defense expenses in excess of $50,000 were covered by insurance.
  • A woman walked back to her car in the parking garage when she was mugged by a knife-wielding man. The woman suffered a broken nose and a number of cuts and scarring to the face. There was more than $17,500 in medical bills plus $5,000 in psychotherapy costs. She filed a lawsuit, alleging that the facilities’ poor lighting facilitated the attack. A $125,000 settlement was reached.

NJ Property Damage Insurance

  • The parking lot’s open gate malfunctioned and closed upon a patron’s vehicle just as it exited resulting in damage to the back windshield. Settlement that included replacement of the windshield was reached at $1,500.
  • A parking lot patron said he incurred damage to his front tire as he was driving over an overlooked pot hole. The resulting claim ended with no insurance imbursement and expenditures of $500 used to scrutinize the episode for a conclusive effective defense.

NJ Commercial Auto Insurance

  • As she crossed the busy intersection, a pedestrian was hit by a passing vehicle driven by a parking attendant who had ignored the red light signal. The attendant had been driving a patron’s car to the second lot located down the road. The victim incurred leg, wrist and ankle fractures and a resulting medical bill of more than $50,000, plus lost wages amounting to more than $30,000.
  • While driving a patron’s car on the street, the parking attendant crashed into another vehicle. All 4 family members occupying the other car were injured. The family filed a lawsuit and was awarded $500,000 by the jury. The cost for defense totaled more than $35,000. A settlement was reached, reducing the $500,000 payment to $450,000 and defense costs were disbursed. Additionally, the patron’s car was confirmed a total loss with the claim settling at $25,000 for the loss and auto rental cost.


    PRIME Insurance - Coverage for Parking Lots and Garages

At PRIME, we have the resources to get you the protection you need. As direct representatives of over 40 of the leading national insurance companies, we can shop the network for you and help you acquire a tailored policy at competitively lowest quotes.

At PRIME, we understand the bottom line. Visit us online at, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or phone us at 732-400-5242 to see why a PRIME insurance policy has consistently been making the difference for thousands of customers all across the US of A.


Do you own a self-parking/attendant-serviced lot or garage? You have unique liability exposures. You need tailored business insurance


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