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How to Get Help if Trapped in an Elevator

Locked in almost all of our subconscious minds is the fear of getting stuck in an elevator. Should you find yourself in this situation, do not attempt to find your way out on your own. Experts cite risks that defy the safety odds. Your first response should be to try to remain as calm as possible by practicing deep, relaxing breathing before using the recommended methods in accessing an exit way.    

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This is the list of other things to do when stuck in an elevator:  

  • If you find yourself in darkness, illuminate your surroundings with your cell phone or any other devise that provides light.

  • Next, locate the door-open button and press. If this doesn’t work, try pressing on the door-close button. If you still do not get any elevator response, press the button for each floor individually.

  • If these two buttons get you nowhere, press the emergency button to summon help.

  • Should this method fail to get you a response, dial 911 on your cellular phone.

  • If this fails, press the elevator’s alarm multiple times.

  • If you still get no response, shout for help so that others will be alerted. Do this only for a limited amount of time so that you will not agitate yourself and so that you will not use up unnecessary physical energy.

  • If you get no response from shouting, try banging the elevator walls with your shoe.

  • After employing all of the above measures, try to remain calm and wait for help. While you wait, make small talk with other stranded elevator riders; if you are stuck inside by yourself, keep busy with  pleasant thoughts that help you remain calm.

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Summary: What if you get stuck in an elevator? The fearful thought is assuaged with these tips from PRIME Insurance Agency.


Danielle Moreau

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 6:25pm EST

The elevator at work today seemed to get stuck for a few seconds and it was so scary! I decided I better research what to do if I’m ever in a real elevator emergency, other than praying for the experts to get there and save me as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t have thought to press all the floor buttons one at a time. That’s a useful tip I’ll try to keep in mind if I’m ever stuck.

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