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Insurance News: How Technology can Help Bully-Victims

Bullying has made it to the headlines as a grieving Cincinnati, OH dad and mom sue a school following their son’s suicide that they say was brought on by vicious bullying.  

The soul-searching tragedy touches every aspect of humanity.

Those of us in the indemnity industry know that occurrences such as this one need to be addressed because of the great volume of related insurance claims.

Now, it appears as if there is innovative technology that may be the answer of our prayers to end the violence associated with bullying, cyberbullying, molestation and the like.

STOPit is currently being promoted by the Great American Insurance Group. It is touted as a risk management tool that endows students with an anonymous ability to report abusive activity before it can escalate. 


The STOPit platform is made up of 3 components:

  • App
  • Documentation that assists in tracking and managing instances
  • Messenger communication that protects the reporter with anonymity

The power of STOPit is underscored by the knowledge that someone else is not afraid to clandestinely videotape, photograph or send a message about the crime. This thought scares offenders away and, as the insurance companies know, the risks are certainly mitigated.  

With just four years on the market, STOPit has proven its effectiveness.


  • Shortly after implementation of the platform, a school was informed about the activities of a ‘reputable’ basketball coach that had been on staff for seven years. Reporters now felt confident about the anonymous factor and related how the man had sexually abused students. The dangerous predator was removed from the faculty.

  • Empowered with the anonymity of the app, students reported about knives being brought to school by fellow pupils. School officials discovered the stash of knives and were able to prevent a possible horrendous outcome.

  • Students reported plans to organize a brawl at a football game, preventing injury and mayhem.

As the popularity of STOPit grows, school abuse and violence insurance claims diminish, but what is of marked importance is the progressive effect it can have on the harmful and destructive culture so prevalent in the educational communities of today.

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Summary: There’s a dangerous culture in modern-day schools, colleges and universities that evolve around bullying and abuse. PRIME Insurance partners with Great American Insurance Group to promote an innovative app that counteracts the trend.


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