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Your Motorcycle Tire: How to Properly Change it

A Prime Insurance Guide

It’s important to learn the skills of changing a motorcycle tire correctly. Using the wrong method, in fact, may render the tire unsafe and land you into an accident with serious consequences.

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The good news for those inclined to do-it-yourself is that it’s not that difficult to change a motorcycle tire, once you’ve done the research.

So here goes.

Four Steps to a Motorcycle Tire Change

Step One: Basic Equipment

You’ll need to have the basic equipment at hand for the motorcycle changing chore.

This includes household items, as wells as tools you can easily buy at any motorcycle-related shop:  

  • A spray silicone lubricant. Like WD-40 or even a glass cleaner
  • Tire irons
  • Breezer Tire Tool
  • Valve Core tool
  • Bead Breaker
  • Air compressor
  • Ceramic dust

Step Two:  Removing the Tire

  • Release the Air
    Grab the valve core tool and release all the tire’s air by either snapping the valve on or screwing it on, depending on manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to grip tightly so you’ll be able to withstand the powerful force of air that escapes.

  • Trace the Rim
    Mark the area with an arrow around the tire’s rim to map the direction of the spin. In the event you are not sure of the direction, lift the tire up against the motorcycle to see its original position as the spin goes in the direction the motorcycle travels.

  • Remove the Bead (inside edge of tire)
    Place the bead breaker in between the tire and its rim. A popping sound will be audible as it begins to loosen. Continue the process until the tire comes loose.  Next, spray lubricant on the tire bead repeatedly for ease of removal as you place the tire irons underneath to help pull the tire from its rim.

Step Three: Replacing the Tire


  • Lubricate Tire Walls 
    Spray the lubricant liberally on the inner walls of the replacement tire.

  • Fit Replacement Tire
    Place the new tire to align it correctly with the direction of the motorcycle’s spin. Also note the tire’s red dot indicating its placement near the valve step as you install.

  • Push Tire In
    Affix one tire side at a time by utilizing the tire irons to force it in.

  • Secure Edges of Tire Bead
    Fill the tire with air from the compressed air pump until you discern a small popping noise, indicating the bead has been placed in. Do not overfill. You can also fasten the tire bead into the rim with the Breezer tire tool by pressing the bead in and rotating the tire so that all edges are secured.
  • Add Ceramic Dust
    Shoot a bit of ceramic dust made to put into the tire valve and used to balance the tire, while equalizing weight. Then, place the valve stem tightly back on with the valves stem too.

  • Fill Up with More Air
    Fill up the replaced tire with the air compressor as per manufacturer’s suggestion.


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