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How to Be Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle

We know you don’t want to be told that you place yourself at risk for an accident if you ride your bike. You know that motorcycles are far more dangerous than a car already. What you really need to know though is how to elude the hazards.

So here we go, from the NJ motorcycle insurance experts:

Nine Tips for Motorcycle Riders

  • Buy a motorcycle that is fitting
    Sit down on the bike and size it up. Can you place both feet comfortable on the pavement while seated? Are the bike’s handle-bars and control system easily reachable? Can you dismount properly? Consider a bike’s weight vis-à-vis your ability to maneuver it. Will you be riding short distances or do you plan on a lot of highway travel? Take the bike’s engine capabilities into account before purchasing.


  • Go for the anti-lock brake option
    NJ auto insurance
    demonstrate that motorcycles that have this brake feature are thirty-seven percent less probable to be enmeshed in a deadly motorcycle/auto collision. Enabling the rider to maintain steering capabilities when stopping suddenly, this has proven to be a literal a life saver for motorcycle operators even when encountering icy/slippery circumstances.


  • Develop riding expertise
    Signing up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course is one of the smartest things you can do for your safety. It can train you with basic motorcycle riding and more sophisticated protective maneuvers.


  • Wear a helmet
    You are 60 percent less probable to incur deadly head injuries if you wear protective headgear and are involved in a motorcycle crash.


  • Dress for the ride
    Make sure to wear brightly colored protective helmet, goggles, and a jacket made of leather or resistant materials so that floating insects, debris and other obstacles do not harm you and drivers can easily see you.  


  • Inspect your bike before rolling
    Prior to riding your bike, check it at every angle. Are your lights, horn and signals operating as they should? How about the chain, belt, and brakes? What about the tires?

  • Ride with extra care
    Be a defensive bike rider. Ride vigilantly and be mindful of careless vehicle drivers and keep a secure distance from cars, vans and trucks.


  • Use your motorcycle weather-permitting
    Motorcycles are much more vulnerable to ice, snow and rain. Try to limit your usage in inclement weather. If you must ride then, do so carefully. Keep in mind that the most hazardous instance is immediately following the first raindrops when moisture can produce ascending oily deposits. Evade sudden movements. Brake, throttle and steer gently to prevent sliding.

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  • Be mindful of hazardous road conditions
    Because your bike has less traction with the road than other vehicles, sandy, stony and wet obstacles can make it suddenly and dangerously skid. Potholes and road bumps are not always discernable, presenting a grave hazard as well. If it’s not possible to evade these, reduce your speed and steer as little as possible. When approaching rail tracks and similar road impediments, ride to the right as much as you can to lower risks of sliding.


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