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How to Ensure Your Dog is Tick-Free

It’s easy for your dog to get a tick bite and that could be a dangerous thing. Ticks are known to be disease carriers. If your dog is bit, not only is he at risk, but he can bring the associated peril into your home.

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What is the procedure for checking my dog?

It’s not that easy to check for ticks on a pet, but inspecting your dog every day, particularly following a period spent outside your home is your best defense. Be patient about the process that involves going through his entire body of fur. Should you discover a tick, immediately pull it out with a tweezer. Care, of course, should be taken to remove the entire bug – and not leave its head inside your dog’s skin.  You can also request your vet to inspect your dog for ticks when you take him for a physical examination.

Are there any ways to minimize the risk of my dog getting a tick bite?

Spraying specially formulated tick pesticides on your yard or paying to have it done professionally will minimize risks. Other true and tried methods to prohibit tick habitat involve:

  • Never leaving leaf piles around
  • Cutting high grass at the lawn’s edge, as well as by your home
  • Sandwiching wood chipping or stones between your yard and woodland
  • Never allowing grass to grow long
  • Arranging logs and wood pieces in an orderly pile on a dry surface
  • Having play equipment as well as deck and patios far from lawn edging, trees and shrubs
  • Fencing in yard so roaming animals cannot have access to it
  • Never storing old furnishing, bedding or garbage within your yard
  • Spraying your dog with a special anti-tick dog solution

How would I know if my dog has been infected with a tick-borne disease?

The first indication of related sickness may not be evident until seven to twenty-one days or more following a tick bite. Contact your vet immediately if you observe your dog for the following signs that would suggest it is suffering from a tick-borne disease a:

  • Deviation in behavior
  • Deviation in eating habits

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Just as they are for humans, ticks are a real threat to dogs. PRIME Insurance Agency highlights these helpful tips in keeping your pet tick-free.


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