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Flood Alert: How to Protect Your Family and Home

NJ, NY, LA, UT, MO, PA, TX, FL, CA. While severe storms and flooding occur all over the US, some states are more prone to disaster than others. Weather reports tell us about strong winds, heavy rain, severe flooding, home and property damage and even loss of life. Although tailored insurance coverage can compensate flood losses after the carnage occurs, there are steps you can take to protect your family and minimize property losses when the waters engulf your area.

Flood Preparedness: More than NJ Homeowners Insurance

Prior to a Flood

  1. Apply weather protective sealant all about your basement windowing, as well as around the bottom of ground-floor doors.

  2. Make sure your home’s downspouts are situated far enough from your home so that rainwater will not be directed towards it.

  3. Determine whether your basement would benefit from a sump pump.

  4. Protect your important papers from the potential of being damaged in a flood by storing them anywhere but the lower ground floor of your home.

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When Forecasters Warn about Flooding

  1. Switch off your basement’s furnace, as well as the outdoor gas valve.

  2. Turn off your home power before waters flood and only if your fuse box is utterly dry. Do this when you have a flashlight on you and by facing the box to the side while turning your head away from the breaker.

When a Flood is Forthcoming

  1. Transport all ground-level furnishings, electrical equipment and gas or propane machinery to an upper level.

  2. Confiscate toxic matter in the lower level of your home, like pesticides or bug killers.

  3. Take out lower level toilet bowls; use a wood stopper to stuff sewage drains and toilet links.

  4. Detach rain gutters that may be attached to home sewer system.

  5. Never try to turn off electric power if area is not dry. Live electric lines that come in contact with moisture are deadly!

  6. Exit your home as soon as you can and don’t come back until you are advised otherwise by officials.

Throughout Flood’s Presence

  1. Have emergency supplies in a transportable caddie on hand so you can take it with you in the event of evacuation.

  2. Keep attuned to weather advisory and road safety on a battery operated radio.

  3. Evacuate only through road instructions from officials; other routes can be hazardous.

  4. If time permits, notify others of your intended whereabouts by leaving a not in a secure place such as the mail receptacle.

  5. Do not walk or drive through a water swamped vicinity.

  6. If waters begin to rise and your vehicle stalls, get out as soon as possible and walk to a safer area.

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Summary: All you need to do is tune into the weather to find out about storm and flood risks that sweep across the country and globe. Familiarize yourself with lifesaving flood advice from PRIME Insurance Agency.


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